December 13, 2019

Teaching is learning to go back to your dreams and early goals to see where your heart has traveled.  Are you free enough to help students evolve the way they are expecting?  Can you help them grow and adapt to the options you are presenting, if you are a teacher of Ca...

October 7, 2016 helpful as an exercise for speaking with POWER..  The scale: as low as you can go,

then as high as is comfortable. Hearing and feeling vocal control. Try it... Do Re Mi...

September 30, 2016

Rule: Before you Begin to Speak.......Mouth and jaw exercises are a Must!

Easy start tongue twisters: UniqueNewYork, repeat 5 times;

tut-di-ga-dum, tu-di-ga-dum x 5; lemon-liniment x 10.

The faster the better... Just the beginning ... send me your favs: shirleyvenard@gmai...

September 24, 2016

Actors are told to network. Good advice for all of you out there. Be prepared to impress at each 'gathering' with your careful appearance and a voice pleasing to the ear.  Let's get to work!

Informal Gathering Art Print by Olivia Joy St. Claire 

September 20, 2016

Hello Everyone!

Three Simple Tips: 

1. Know your audience, well!

2. Decide what you need to say, summarize, tie it in a bow...

    you knew that, right?

3. Write as if you are speaking in their living room...try pencil/paper first.

Your Coach, Shirley

September 18, 2016

Welcome to public speaking without fear and with success!

I work with you to show the time-honored techniques of communicating both your message and your personal image in exactly the manner to which you aspire!

Call me with your speaking questions today: 612.377.4868

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