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It’s Fall, It's Fall, and no doubt about it… is time to teach the kiddies again. This time two venues will be my home for several weeks.

The Guthrie Theatre education Program has asked me to again teach Auditioning, the Business of the Business, Much like my 20k year inhabitiation of my Signature Class, Career Preparation for Actors at the University of Minnesota. The Guthrie experience is usually a class of 12 students of varying ages who wish to explore the Actors in Theatre/Film as a possible pursuit. I am also teaching at the University of Minnesota Acting For the Camera Course. My focus is Acting in the Feature Film, 20 curious would-be actors as they approach their BA graduation. From the major film experience to our own Indy production, I know that many young performers would be thrilled if they could "have suitcase will travel" to Hollywood or NYC" and crash the movie business. A never ending call to glamour. AND, I believe a goodly number of them through the years have done just that. Let us see who will be bold enough to land an role in a Feature, this year.

We begin! Signed, Ms. Venard

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