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Teaching is not what you do if you are not as involved in your career profession.

Teaching is learning to go back to your dreams and early goals to see where your heart has traveled. Are you free enough to help students evolve the way they are expecting? Can you help them grow and adapt to the options you are presenting, if you are a teacher of Career Preparation! I am fortunate to teach in a National Theater Education program. Community students, of varying ages, experiences, hopes, and the need to look further at their daily life and the worthy person who they are. “Shall I be an Actor, Director, Writer…?". Guiding them on their interesting road, with respect for achievements past. Also, the welcome newness of other pursuits. What a joy to learn with them as to the challenges faced when a tantalizing vision beckons to explore. I am fortunate to embrace this role in another venue as well. Watch my space. Ta. Now, off to find Santa and an amazing present for Samantha, my VFBGC (veryfirstbabygrandchild)!

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