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Me in person thistle. My turn to take a podium. Wait, don’t leave. It won’t be as funny as our “nighty nightmare” from you know who. Just came up out of perennial distress to talk to you. Funny just today, a fellow was asked what he would do the first minute the doors, so to speak, would open up a bit…he stated he would race to put on a shirt. Then the pants, I presume, what would you all do? I’ll read the replies and the one with humming will get a prize. Oh, wait, I can’t send anything except my bit moji laughing face, to frame at a later date. My portrait has changed. My hair has entered daily pleas for me to unearth my pink rollers and go to work. Can’t remember how, actually cause I destroyed the photos standing by the bus stop taking them out before ‘he’ arrived sitting in the second seat on the left. Vanity and Vexation of Spirit, my Mother used to say. See, she could point fingers as I struggled to have hair like hers. Did your Mum look beautiful with NO rollers? Or slant boards to bring a rosy glow to her cheeks for a 10 minute ritual, daily. When I was bringing friends home I was kind of embarrassed. Combing the catalogues for one now, however. I need it after 'His Daily Briefings'... WHY do they call them that? Boring, boring, boring, Humm, THAT is what Katherine Hepburn said to her car window on her first honeymoon, about her new husband. Spencer came later. Darn, what a story, no? Anyways, boring, bbring etc. Gotta go as the tall tales begin. Now, I must change my robe right side out for a change of seams. Be back soon! (Can’t you hear “Oliver" singing that with a cockney brogue…be back sooooon… sigh. My roommate toured with that show. She always wore Avon cologne. See ya~S

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