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Sitting in a Comfortable chair I looked up and saw this name on a sign: Parachute. Yes, it was PARACHUTE! That is exactly what I need to do. Jump out of my convalescence, (broken shoulder), I then realized what’s really going on. I haven’t been idle at all. Two weeks ago I appeared in an award winning short film at our Westend Icon theater. Next I filmed the beginning of an industrial series for luxury senior living. Many fun moments to share later!

Now I’m announcing my sharing of a fabulous live podcast evening with award winning Justin Joseph Hall of Fourwind Films NYC. Recently I starred in his film “Prologue.” We invite all to attend this unique event at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis called Feature and a short. My assignment from Justin is to present a featured film I had been in and to choose a short film I wished and had not been in. I searched and found lovely short French film which turned out was one of his all time favorites: ‘La Femme et la TGV’. Feature film is ‘Kumiko the Treasure Hunter’ (Sundance Special Jury Prize Winner). The movies relate in that two women on two continents are alike in their frustrated search or identity.

Best to you from Shirley and Fourwind Films

Podcast Event:

Thursday August 18th, 5:30pm - 9pm

Viewing, Refreshments, & Dinner

Link here for tickets!


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