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My film made the Stribs: The 7 best Minnesota-made movies to watch while you're staying home!

“Kumiko"made an auspicious showing in the best films shot in Minnesota over many years. Huge photo of the lovely star. and noteworthy commentary: “Melancholy gem” StarTribune 5/14/20

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter’ (2014)


Rinko Kikuchi in "Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter."

“Fargo” is the gift that keeps on giving, pop-culture-wise. Not only did it inspire three seasons of the same-named TV series, with a fourth on the way, but it spawned this melancholy gem. Based on a true story (maybe? see above), it’s the work of another pair of brothers, David and Nathan Zellner, about a Japanese woman who, believing “Fargo” was factual, went on an ill-fated search for Steve Buscemi’s buried money.

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